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Wine - the pride of Moldova

wine glassesRepublik of Moldova - state, famous amazing taste and quality of its wines, vineyards and wine country, which is an age-old tradition and the special pride of the country. Traces of origin of wine in the country stretch back into history, and according to experts, came into existence as early as the third millennium BC Winemakers believe Moldova - a country with the most ancient wine-making traditions. Of course, now in the country, wine plays an important role. The strong push in the wine, came when the Romans came to the country. They brought over their traditions and technology in wine production and cultivation of grapes, which have been preserved to our days.

Wine-making and viticulture is the leading and priority sector in the Moldovan economy, and GDP is 20. This sector employs 27% of the population able to work, which is evident in the revival of the moment at each enterprise. Improved equipment wine factories, everywhere performed planting of new vineyards, with all of this at the state level. At the initiative of management and the government, a special program for the development and rehabilitation of wine has been developed, which provides for the integration of winemaking and viticulture in the country, operating through to 2020.

Crick basementsIn Moldova, many famous wine cellars and factories. To the great chagrin of their visit is possible only in the form of official tours, but the impressions of the visit will stay with visitors for life. Draw a small tour of the best wine farms of the Republic. Starting point wine tours - Cricova, takes its origins in the 15 km from Chisinau. It is almost a full-fledged town with street underground labyrinths, and stretches over 60 km. The streets of this underground town named after the most popular grape varieties. For example, you can see the street Pino, then for example, or Isabella Boulevard Cabernet street. These cellars were erected on the territory of mining sawn stone-shells. This stone was mined, with the aim of producing a building material "kateltsa". It is from this kateltsa built a lot of civil, industrial, social and cultural facilities of the entire state. In some branches of the city, mining kateltsa still ongoing, and thus the underground city Cricova will grow.

Combine in Cricova from the beginning was created for the production of fine wines, in the strict laws of classical European techniques. One of the secrets of wine in Krikrvo - unique climatic conditions underground, where are these delicious drinks. Feature cellars that this is the only and the largest wine store in the world, with a unique - the natural climate. In Crick basements have no ventilation and air conditioning system. All year round stable temperature around 10 - 12 ° C, and relatively high humidity - 97-98%. The main laws of vintage wines and champagne, reads as follows: that the relatively high humidity and low temperature fluctuations - the best conditions for storing wine.

barrels of wineThe width of the gallery space of approx 6m. up to 7.5 m and a height of about -. 3.5 m. Cricova cellars are located at a depth of 35-80 meters. In general, all the cellars with shops occupy 53 hectares. underground territory. Another uniqueness of these cellars is that they are endowed by tasting wines platforms, united in one complex. At these sites, conduct a variety of activities: Summit, formal and informal, international and national wine tasting. Cricova wine cellars - this is a place that will always be remembered everyone.

Next, 15 km from Kraków is the village of Cojusna, which produces a huge amount of port and vodka, red and white wines. Vineyard in Straseni Location nepadaleku from Chisinau, known for its sparkling white wines. The popular wine factory "Romynesht", was one of the largest wine producers in the USSR. The most famous product - red "Bardo" is the most favorite varieties of many celebrities from the Secretary General to the kings.

Far beyond the borders of the republic known wineries such as "Cricova - Age" and "Mici". Wine here is not like, of course, aristocratic sipping different varieties of wine in the castles of France, but still local wines are exquisite special buketny aroma and taste, as its grape is not there, and in the cellars supplied raw materials to close small land lots, it uniqueness of the local wine taste is due.

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