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Tourism in Moldova

Tourism in MoldovaThe world rarely find people who have heard something about Moldova, not to mention the customs and traditions. Many are surprised at all, there is a country or not, and do not even know where it is. In fact, this is one of its kind, a unique state, with its own traditions, customs and history. In the Republic of Moldova population of approximately more than 3 million people. It is home to many ethnic groups such as the Moldavians, Russian, Bulgarians, Ukrainians, Gagauz, Belarusians, Gypsies, Armenians and many others, with all this, the majority of the inhabitants of the Orthodox. In Moldova speak Moldovan and Russian languages. Holidays in Moldova is popular among foreign tourists - Russians, Ukrainians, Romanians and Germans, Italians, Americans, Frenchmen, are increasingly coming to rest in the mud baths and sanatoriums, hotels and recreational base of the country. This is not surprising, because in the rest of Moldova is very diverse - travelers is offered as an excursion and health - resort vacation. Among them is very popular service apartment for rent in Chisinau.

 moldavian tourismIn recent years, actively developing tourism in Moldova. The most popular among tourists, this country has acquired for its wines. Wine - the pride of Moldova. Not a tourist, take a trip to Moldova, do not forget to bring a couple of bottles of fine Moldovan wines. Many tourist tours in Moldova is organized in these parts only with a single purpose - to get acquainted with the technology of growing grapes and making wine. You will be able to taste the curative drink from grapes and a variety of famous wines. Your journey will be filled with unique aroma of the grapes, as the European varieties (Aliquot, Shardane, Cabernet, etc.) and local grape varieties (Feteasca, Rara Neagra, etc.). Many Moldovan attractions closely associated with winemaking. Favorite tourist Cricova wine cellars, there is a huge wine collection stored. Travel through the underground cellars and corridors takes a lot of time, as their length of a total of about 100 km. Another of the famous Moldovan resorts - Small Meleshty where also a great wine collection is stored in a vault. Every year in Moldova spend wine festivals and exhibitions, so many tourists, who in the course, bought a ticket just for the duration of the meeting.

In Moldova, in addition to wine tourism, you can draw attention to the historical attractions, including ancient monasteries "Bessarabian Thebaid" Transnistrian rock monasteries. Also pay special attention to the tourists nature reserve in Moldova "Codrii", towards which also created many tours in Moldova. It will also be very interesting to have a rest in one of the parks arboretum of the country where you will find vegetation that brought from different corners of the earth. These days are extremely popular wine tours in Moldova. Wine tour - it's a great route, which includes (depending on which tour you choose) is not only a visit to archaeological sites, sanctuaries, monasteries, and exquisite tasting of Moldovan wines. A huge number of Moldovan tour agencies will offer you to visit the wine sector:

tourism in moldovaOf course a trip to the Republic of Moldova will not be complete if you do not visit the capital itself. Here in Chisinau you can see attractions such as the Church of the Nativity and Holy Gates Tyrone. You will find numerous monuments and museums of the city. Widely known Moldovan resorts such as Bender, Tiraspol and Balti. Moldova is the second time zone. The official currency is the Moldovan Leu in the country, but before you travel, it is better to take with euros or dollars. Speaking of the Republic of Moldova, it is impossible not to recall the famous festival "Wien". In our country this holiday is already recognized as a national, and named as "National Day of Wine". As a rule, it is celebrated on the second Sunday of October. The main goal of the festival is to preserve and maintain the custom of the age-old traditions and winemaking technology. For all wine plants is a great opportunity to advertise their unique wines and new products. On this day, in the square of Chisinau - Free wine tasting of Moldovan producers, colorful performances of Moldovan national ensembles and folklore, various contests, prizes, and this is only the beginning of the list of activities that are organized in the "Wine Festival". On this holiday, and for the whole of his period, foreign guests from abroad who want to visit Moldova, can not pay for a visa for up to thirty days.

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