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Top of the most popular tourist destinations in Moldova

moldova natureMoldova - a picturesque country, which has something to attract even the most demanding traveler: beautiful verdant hills, beautiful lakes, centuries-old history. Top-six towns and villages that any tourist will not leave indifferent.

1. Kishinev. In the capital of Moldova, you can stroll along the quays of the river Bic. The city is one of the greenest, as it is located on the territory of a huge number of parks, and, including the Botanical Garden. A huge number of museums opened in Chisinau: natural history, military glory, historic, Peoples' Friendship, Shchusev and others.

2. Cricova. Visiting this city is to go first thing in the "wine" tour. It passes under the ground, there are equipped with street (their total length is more than sixty kilometers), each of them has a special name - sort of wine.

3. Soroca. The city is one of the fortresses, which at one time was part of the fortress defense system of Moldova State.

4. Tsipovo - a small village famous for its monastery located in the rock. In addition it is possible to admire the wild untouched nature, enjoy the peace and primeval splendor.

5. Taul. In two hundred kilometers from the capital of Moldova is a wonderful and world famous arboretum. It gathers more than a hundred and fifty interesting representatives of deciduous and coniferous plant nature, as well as more than a hundred different types of shrubs and vines. The third part of all vegetation had been artificially adapted for growth in the Moldovan climate and are located on its territory in a single copy.

6. Not far from Chisinau (literally eighty kilometers) was built in the fifteenth-sixteenth centuries the Church of the Assumption. In Eastern Europe, these medieval buildings with unique frescoes and paintings are no more. Last time it was reconstructed in the sixties of the seventeenth century (63-67g.g.). Historians attribute icons decorating the church belong to the Byzantine period.

Only six place described in this guide, but how much is still left out of it. Moldova will impress everyone with its unusual history and nature. Every tourist wants to come back here again.

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