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Business: renting property for rent

renting propertyUndoubtedly, this lucrative business, but also unambiguous opinions about the pros and cons of it does not exist. If the right to develop and debug circuitry such earnings can make a profit of up to 50 per cent of the investments. This amount is often rather big and attracts entrepreneurs.

Troubles with the daily delivery of housing too much. Here we must take into account the rapid wear of the apartment, as well as furniture and appliances. All this may require constant repair and bring into order. A lot of trouble gives itself the process of delivery and acceptance housing.

As with the other activities in the first place, there is considered a cash issue. Rent apartments will cost a client, of course, cheaper than a stay in a hotel, where the same will have to pay extra separately for meals, laundry and ironing. Therefore, accommodation for a short time can save a considerable amount. Accordingly, this type of service always remains in demand.

How to start?
Least of all the problems will be the owners of private apartments, but in which no one lives. But those who do not have such a property, it is possible to open a business. You can rent accommodation from other owners for a long time and have to retake it for a short time. In the latter case it would be to prepare a legally necessary, so as not to end up in an awkward situation when the owner decides to suddenly stop the relationship with you and ask to leave the apartment. In this situation it is important to know the rights and responsibilities of the lessor and lessee.

Renting someone else's apartment , you will be required by the responsible attitude to property and require careful treatment of your potential customers. To be safe, you can take them to pledge any document, or the amount of money in the event of intentional or unintentional damage to equipment, furniture and so on.

Handing housing for rent, you have to be ready at any moment to go to the place of acceptance for apartments. When leaving customers need to test the functionality of technology, the availability of dishes and safety of other assets. If you find any defects is to demand compensation for the purchase or repair of items not to pay for this money and not to lose profits. After the customer left the shelter, you need to put things in order in it, to change clothes and prepare the property for the entry of other visitors.

Any business requires promotion. In this embodiment, earnings, certainly plays an important role the transmission of information "by word of mouth." But advertising is not excessive. You can print business cards with phone numbers, distribute flyers or advertise in the newspaper. We should not gloss over the state of the room too, the description must correspond to reality, otherwise the customer will be disappointed, and you will lose your reputation by word of mouth.

Let's calculate how much you can earn on a daily delivery of apartments. For example, taking off for a long time, an apartment in an average of 4 - 6 thousand lei and surrendering its daily 400 - 500 lei, you can earn about 12 - 15 thousand per month. If you dare to take the start and several apartments, the profit will increase by several times, despite the elimination of some deficiencies.

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