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Memo tourist in Moldova

tourists in MoldovaEvery tourist that arrives in any country for the first time, need to know a number of basic information that will help him to quickly adapt to the local way of life, to learn about the rules of conduct, but just to feel comfortable during their stay in a foreign city. And given the fact that tourism in Moldova is constantly evolving, we have tried to briefly present the information to help you when you visit Moldova and its capital city - Chisinau, will be useful to advise you to rent an apartment for rent in Chisinau. Where all the conditions for a comfortable stay, you will feel at home. For regular customers special discounts.

Geographical position

The Republic of Moldova is located in the south-west of the East European Plain, time zone - 2+, and occupies a huge portion between the Dniester and Prut, and a small strip of the left bank of the Dniester River in its lower and middle reaches. The country is not imee out to sea and gravitates geographically to the Black Sea region, although the Republic of Moldova disposes direct access to the Danube (of coastline - 950 m). Moldova borders on Ukraine to the south, east and north, and the west - with Romania. The country has 33.7 thousand sq. M area. km. From the north to the south of Moldova stretches for 350 km, but from west to east - 150 km. The ends of the country: in the south - the village of Giurgiulesti (45 ° 28 'N lat..), In the north - the village Naslavcea (48 ° 29' N), in the west - the village of the curve (26 ° 30 'in the village.. ), in the east - the village of Palanca (30 ° 05 'in the village)... Today, the territory of the left bank of the Dniester River and Bender, controlled by the non-recognition by the state - the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic.

Population of the country

Population of the MoldovaMoldova is one of the densely populated countries in Europe. The density of the population - 126.2 inhabitants per 1 km2. The country's population of 3.8 million inhabitants. The population of Chisinau about 800 000 people.
Language on the constitution of the state language of Moldova - Moldovan language, which functions on the basis of the Latin alphabet. The official language is used in all spheres: economic, social, political, and cultural life. On the territory of Moldova lingua franca is both Moldovan and Russian languages. The visa regime with Moldova is most countries, except Romania, Israel and the countries - members of the CIS.

Customs regime

Transportation of items and goods for personal use through the customs territory of Moldova by individuals does not require the payment of customs duties, excise duties, value added tax and fees for customs procedures. Non-residents: Non-residents of the Republic does not have the right, as the import and export from the country's coins, notes and checks in lei amount not exceeding 2500 Moldovan Lei. To all this, they also have the right to take out of the country's checks, bank notes and coins in foreign currency in the amount specified in the customs declaration confirming the authorization to import or export of currency abroad. Such a declaration can be issued as the National Bank of Moldova, as an authorized bank.

Import of foreign currency in the Republic of Moldova is not limited!

Drinking water in the Republic:
At present, the drinking water problem in Moldova is not.

Electricity in Moldova:
The mains voltage 220 V.

Currency exchange in the country:
You can exchange foreign currency at a bank or at private exchange offices.

National Alcohol Beverage:
Home wine.

Regarding smoking:
In the Republic of Moldova to smoke in public places - is prohibited.

Moldova Currency:
Moldovian Lei - currency of the Republic = 100 bans.

Mobile connection:
communication standard GSM 900.

Emergency Phones:
901 - Fire Department
902 - Police
903 - Emergency
1188 - Information and Help

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