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Moldova`s attractions

Arch of the CathedralMoldova is a small country of its area, it is located between Romania and Ukraine. The climate is mild and warm, even in winter the temperature here -3S °, -5 ° C °. What is known for Moldova? This, of course, the wine business and the ancient Orthodox monuments that attracts tourist annually.

Wine tourism is the most popular in Moldova, because wherever people in this country or on his way, he in any case will come across to the winery. So, wine tourism, what is it? This, as a rule, sightseeing tours in the wineries where talk about the Moldovan wine industry and, of course, it all ends with wine tasting.

The oldest and most popular place among tourists is Cricova. It is a wine town, as it extends to 120 kilometers. Cricova plant has a huge number of titles table red and white wines are also produced here, sparkling wine and champagne. We should also highlight the tasting rooms - is a genuine work of architecture. Young, but very impressive in size factory "Milestii Mitch" (200 km). It is situated not far from Chisinau (capital of Moldova), which was originally mined here for the construction of limestone, formed as a result of the large number of caves and tunnels. The first batches of wine began to lay only in the 60s, and already in 1969, formed a wine plant.

Winery for the production of sherry - Ialoveni, is also very popular in Moldova, here you can taste the unique flavor of this "film-wine", produced by the classical Spanish technology. Cojusna - founded the winery in 1908, this wine produced by French technology, and wine cellars are made in medieval style.


Another "celebrity" Moldova - is ancient monasteries. a great number of legends composed around them. The most visited and very beautiful monastery Hincu. It was founded in 1678 Mihalich Hincu boyar. The terrain here is very beautiful, the monastery is surrounded by the majestic Moldavian Codru. Near the monastery are so many springs, the water of which is considered curative.

wine glassesRock Monastery Tsipova, feature of this monastery is considered that it is completely hidden in the rock, founded in the 6th century AD. Locals say this place is anomalous, since there is a unique energy. The place of pilgrimage in Moldova is considered to Monastery "Holy Trinity", it is located in the village of Saharna. According to legend, the Mother of God on one of the rocks of the monastery left its mark. Old Orhei - a small medieval town with steep cliffs and ancient caves, it is an architectural monument.

Moldova - a European country, which retains its identity. People preserved their way of life. All the same in villages grow grapes and make wine from it, graze cattle, build houses of mud, manure and straw, the whole village celebrate local holidays. Therefore, in the Republic of Moldova has developed rural tourism. Arriving at the village board can plunge into the life of the local population, local dishes prepared with products grown here.


Places where you can treat your health in Moldova very much. Sanatorium and resort vacation pleasant surprises with their prices. The resort is visited by people to treat cardiovascular, nervous and musculoskeletal systems. For this purpose, the underground mineral springs and silt mud. The most famous and popular resort town of Vadul lui Voda, which simply captures the beauty of local nature. It is situated on the bank of the Dniester, a sufficiently large in extent and is very attractive for its nature.

Definitely, Moldova should visit! And she will captivate the heart once and for all is not only very beautiful nature, but also for their hospitality!

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